The DD Service is the premier designated driver service in Barrie. We work in pairs, with one driver driving the customer home in their car and the other driver following in their car.
The DD Service is now hiring drivers for our service. As a premium driving service, we are committed to delivering the best in-car experience possible for our clients. As such, we have high expectations from our drivers and if you believe you have what it takes to work for us then we welcome your application.
We have two kinds of roles we hire for
Chase Driver - Is the person who drives his/her own car following the customer car and for this there is no age restriction as long as you have a reliable car in good shape Valet Driver - The person who drives the customer home in their car. You must be 25 years old and very personable as you will be dealing with the customer on the way to their home
Requirements for joing our team:
You must hold a valid full G driver’s license as a minimum
You must be personable
You must have patience and tolerance as you are often times dealing with inebriated people. Inebriated people who have made the safe and smart choice to not drive drunk. They may need help into the car and up to their door so be mindful of that.
Benefits of joining our team:
Lucrative part time employment paid cash every night
Be part of a growing business that focuses on the customer
Be part of our community of drivers that includes hanging out, BBQ’s, etc.
If you think you have what it takes to drive for us, please send an email to